Actress Rebecca Hall wrote and directed an adaptation of the Nella Larsen book Passing, that stars Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. Kirsten Dunst is still promoting her Oscar contender, The Power of the Dog, which I always have to remind myself is NOT called The Hair of the Dog. And Lea Seydoux is promoting The French Dispatch. All those movies are at the New York Film Festival, but it makes me wish all those women were in the same flick. It’s a really sad statement on films starring women that the main franchise we can plug into a comment like that is Oceans, which started out as dude-centric. I don’t WANT to be like, “Yes, Ocean’s Five!” And Charlie’s Angels doesn’t really work there either. The more female-driven supercasts we can get, the more options we will have when we see five cool actresses together and want to put them in the same film. “How about Vagenda of Manocide III: Florida?” I could then say. “Get with it, Hollywood.” Frankly, Hollywood should get with it anyway.

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