I’m glad Maya Rudolph is nailing it.

She looked beautiful and she was charming in all her interviews… it’s so great when prodigiously talented people appear to live up to your ideal of them, especially because I didn’t love her character in Bridesmaids — when your maid of honor/childhood friend (who was also too often a jackhole, but that’s another rant) who is afraid of flying gets stuck in coach without you, you SIT WITH HER, YOU DOUCHE, and you don’t get mad at her for getting f’ed up on pills and whiskey that your bitchy seatmate all but poured down her throat — and so I wanted to wash the taste of that out of my mouth. DONE. Love. Plus, she’s hilarious on Up All Night. I could watch her and Will Arnett read the phonebook together, and when I get Phonebook greenlit, maybe they will.

This is cool enough that I almost feel she could’ve worn it either way around, and I’d have liked it just as much. (Maybe not. But close, right?) Now if only she would sit down Kristen Wiig and hand her a box of Crayola 64 and be like, “Let’s talk about how these make you feel.” She could even employ all of her various impressions to drive home the point. In fact, them NOT doing that seems like a waste of a multi-flavored Get A Grip friend. Maya, you’re welcome to come workshop the huetervention at my place.