You guys know how great we think Octavia Spencer is. She spent all of last awards season looking amazing, and she was a scream on 30 Rock this season. So I want the best for her. Sadly, although I don’t think this is a complete strike out, I fear she’s behind on the count:

When you’re the outgoing Best Supporting Actress, I think you’re in a rough spot. You obviously want to look great, because you are human, and an actor. But you also, if you are a smart and sensitive person, you realize that this evening is not All About You, so you want to have the glam turned up to only about…say, a nice strong 7. How do you manage to juggle Fantastic with Not Making It All About You? I don’t know (which is one of the many reasons I am not a stylist, which has got to be a really hard job). And I think this is really close, but perhaps not completely on target. It’s drifting down from a 7 and closer to a 5, and a 5 is not good enough for Octavia Spencer.

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