I can’t believe we lost ANOTHER ONE, and such a seminal one at that. We are having Internet problems in the UK, so the Prince slideshow we’re trying to put together has to wait until we’re on the train tomorrow (if we don’t have WiFi that can handle our photo work, then I am going to punch the wall). In the meantime, we want Fug Nation to at least be able to grieve together.

Let’s talk about our favorite Prince songs. Honestly, I’m not sure I can pick just one. I basically loved every single one that came out in the 1980s and many of them from the 90s (if I’m remembering all the dates correctly). “Little Red Corvette” and “Raspberry Beret” and “Delirious” and “Let’s Go Crazy” are my childhood, whereas “Gett Off” is, of course, college. There’s a pop-up bar in The Royal We that’s entirely Prince-themed, and it’s based on a club I went to in Windsor, Ontario, after my sophomore year in college — one of my very favorite experiences. I lost track of Prince’s music a bit as an adult, but was never any less delighted to see him when he went out in public, nor any less impressed with his ability to command a room. And there was just something comforting in believing Prince was immortal. Between Bowie and Prince and even Alan Rickman, 2016 has ruthlessly crossed names off my list of people I assumed would, or should, live forever.

In other words: UGH.