Naeem Khan is one of the few designers who is not letting Covid times change his output. Per Vogue:

“There are women who love glamour, who cannot live without glamour and they socialize, even though it might be restricted,” the designer said on a call. “They want to look fabulous because dressing like this makes you happy and it gives a certain feeling to life.” Nice work if you can get it.

That last sentence is doing a lot of heavy lifting there. But I will say that, while flouting socializing rules is not okay, I am not put off by a little sliver of a different world. Fashion for me was always that, anyway; it’s not like in non-Covid times, I was able to buy a gown and wear it out to a Regatta Gala anytime I wanted. So I will consume whatever scraps of sparkle come my way, knowing this is as close as I was ever going to get. Maybe a celeb at the Golden Globes on the 28th will get a bit closer.

[Photos: Imaxtree]