Let’s start on the right, and collectively bewail YET AGAIN that clearly Dior has good stuff to offer and certain people AHEM J.LAW just seem to be immune to their charms:

Naomie Harris looks so good in that striking patterned mini — and with interesting shoes, no less — and I’m thrilled she got to it before anyone else did, because she deserves to make a splash. For me she wins this photocall, also, though I don’t mind Lea’s Miu Miu suit and am only choking a little on the platform sandals poking out from under the pants. The suit might be a touch stuffy — or perhaps that’s the styling — but the fabric is great, and the jacket is not making us all stare at the seams and wonder if her nipples are stabbing their way through. With Miuccia lately, sometimes that’s all for which you can ask.

And then Monica. Monica, Monica, Monica. I LOVE an age-appropriate Bond Woman, so I’m happy she’s there. The blouse feels a bit 9 to 5 to me, and I’ve never been a big proponent of that cut of pant. And she might have hijacked Alexa Chung’s hair, which is a touch shaggy on her. It should be an unequivocal miss and yet she’s kind of selling it. I am not going to run out and replicate it, but three cheers to her for lighting my cranky pants on fire as much as expected. EDITED TO ADD: I went into this post to fix a photo error and the pants and blouse are bumming me out again. So I guess… my feelings are volatile.

[Photo: Getty]