Vogue issued a Met Gala Challenge that asked people to recreate their favorite looks and post them on Instagram before close of day yesterday, and Mindy Kaling stepped UP:

You may recall that, in 2019, the Met Gala theme was Notes on Camp, and Jared Leto made headlines — har, har — for carrying a replica of his own. Mindy recreating that was just the oddball surprise I needed heading into this week.

You can click the arrows to see Mindy’s extra IG photos. The whole thing is brilliant and deliciously creepy. Note: I am unclear where she procured the head. Are people delivering heads right now? Are they considered essential? Someday, someone’s college entrance exam topic is going to be a rumination on what goods and services are considered essential in this sweeping era of Covid-19, and I fully expect “fake noggins” to be in there.

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