We’ve been joking — but not — for weeks now that celebrities need to stage their red-carpet moments from within their own houses. As far as I know, Mindy Kaling has come the closest to actually doing it.

First: I am in love with the flooring in her closet. Second: I am in love with her closet. Third: She looks fantastic in that color, and the skirt is cute. Fourth: It wouldn’t be GFY if I didn’t have NOTES, taking a giant bite of the hand that is throwing me scraps, so I will note that I don’t love the way this bodice is constructed. That particular deep vee/harsh tuck look rarely works for me, and I also think the material in the sleeves doesn’t stand up well you… you know, being worn. But FIFTH: THANK YOU MINDY. Who gives a shit if this old biddy does or doesn’t like your outfit; we just appreciate you GIVING THE WORLD OUTFITS AT ALL.

I also stumbled upon something Mindy’s stylist Jessica Mulroney pulled out of her closet for a video message:

This video is for a very nice cause: For every comment — and there are a lot — she and her family are donating boxes of “essentials” (I put it in quotes because I don’t know what’s actually IN them; it’s her word) to women’s shelters. Yes, it appears she was paid by Hudson’s Bay to do this, and I don’t know how that all works, but if this actually DOES get stuff into the hands of people that need it then I don’t really care. So, while I am about to make fun of her sweater, it is also of value to note that if you are feeling powerless and financially unstable but you still want try and help someone SOMEWHERE, you can go leave a comment on her Instagram about your quarantine life and it might end up making a difference to someone. So that’s good!

But two things can be true: This can be a really nice initiative, AND the choice of sweater can be hilariously inexplicable. There is no wrong way to cope in quarantine, but there IS a wrong way to make a turtleneck, and that is: cutting two of them in half, surgically removing the entire shoulder and partial torso region, and then marrying them into a clothing chimera. A sartorial Island of Dr. Moreau. If this was supposed to be an example of a desperation coping mechanism —  like if her making this during a 3 a.m. sewing binge is part of her video and Instagram just cut it out — well, that might have been funny. Otherwise, girl, wear the giant oversize Barenaked Ladies tee that’s been balled up in the back of your drawer for twenty years. That would have been better.

And yet, again, I am weirdly cheered by the proof that insane outfits still exist. Twas ever thus, and ever thus will be. See, look, we can find hope in even unlikely places. Thank you, Celebrity Social Media. Long may you serve us, except in the sense that it’d be better if this didn’t last forever.