Moncler showed an entire collection of these, which we’ll post later. It’s unusual, sure, but also a much more sensible approach to daytime winter gowning than Jennifer Lawrence’s plunging Versace. If you HAVE to go outside in a dress on a cold day, why NOT make it one that’s down-stuffed? During one of the more recent arctic blasts at New York Fashion Week, I stopped between shows and bought a $100 giant ankle-length puffer coat and barely felt the subzero temps the whole rest of the week. (Of course, I had to go from there to a Monse show, where I talked to Emmy Rossum looking like an insane person because I didn’t have a seat so I had to record her and try to come up with questions while holding my purse, a scarf, earmuffs wrapped around my forearm, and a giant shopping bag with my insufficiently warm wool coat balled up in it.) So what I’m saying is, this might seem bonkers, and the styling is only okay — the shoes are really fighting for relevance there — but I bet she was SUPER comfortable. And not for nothing, this seems about the perfect level of experimental for a 13-year old. FINALLY.

[Photos: Pierre Teyssot/Soevermedia/REX/Shutterstock]