I am conflicted about supporting the Duffer Brothers because — current allegations aside; I don’t know enough about them — I took real umbrage with their own description of how they treated some of the kids in season two, including being total prats about Sadie Sink having her first-ever kiss take place on-screen. But I like all these actors very much and want to support them… It reminds me of The Sports Fan’s Lament: Do you punish the whole team because one player sucks? And can you separate the product from the asses that produce it?

At this event, I missed Joe Keery and his hair, but supposedly Steve will be a big part of season three and one of the influences is Back to the Future. I am conflicted. It’s also so depressing to realize that if you cut out a piece of entertainment because someone associated with it is a dirtbag, you will basically have nothing left. The world is a bummer sometimes. HAPPY MONDAY.

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