Goodwin got big points Monday night for not even flinching when Billy Norwich — who was, and I can’t imagine he would disagree with me here, rather awkward and bad on the Vogue livestream Monday night (for the second year in a row, he was terrible! Hire someone who doesn’t ask “so, how long are you in New York?” as a legitimate question. That is not something viewers at home care about!) — called her “Ginnifer Godwin.” She just smiled and was totally charming. Of course, it’s possible she could NOT flinch, because her eye makeup was weighing her down, but whatever works:

I find the dress a little disappointing. The black harness part is leather, which…okay. And this is Tory Burch, who is never going to make a punk dress, ever. But the attempt feels so TWEE in a way that is almost more awkward (on a night that had a LOT of awkward) than just not even attempting anything at all.

Also not making the most of the evening was Ginnifer’s co-star, Jennifer Morrison:

Last week, I posted a rather unfortunate outfit that Morrison wore to a Gatsby event and just asked WHY. And one of you commented, “because crazy.”  And I fear that might be true. This isn’t mad crazy heinous or anything, but it is aging and boy is it a SNOOZE. She looks about 30 years older than she actually is. Which, doing that on purpose? Crazy for sure.

What do you guys think?

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