I LOVE these kinds of pictures from the red carpet, where you can see all the celebs lined up next to each other:

I must confess that before I realized Tim Tebow was Tim Tebow, I was all, “WHO IS THAT HOT GUY?” And then I felt dirty. Jesus doesn’t want me coveting Tim Tebow. Frankly, I feel concerned about this myself. I can’t go Tebow. I mean, I’m sure he’s really nice and I totally support him dating  Taylor Swift — THAT coupling makes sense — but I can’t go ogling Tebow. For one thing, I am one million years old.

I wonder if he was able to resist not ogling Camilla Belle, though:

I mean, I’M ogling her. THIS is how you use illusion netting in a non-figure-skating capacity. She looks, FINALLY, like a movie star. Her agent should get on the phone immediately, if not sooner.