I guess¬†Mrs Maisel is back! TECHNICALLY, this is the opening of an exhibit at the New York Paley Center about the show, but said exhibit is, of course, a PR celebration tied the return of the show itself. (The exhibit looks really fun, actually; related,¬†hot damn, Amazon spends so much money on this show. Thursday is literally “Maisel Day” in Los Angeles. Somehow they got the Roosevelt Hotel to offer some rooms for literally $40. It’s great to see them pushing something so female-focused, and holy shit whoever is in charge of Maisel Marketing is VERY GREAT at their job, but I also keep imagining all the grumbling that the other Amazon Original showrunners do in their offices when they see something like this. When are we going to get a Bosch Night at downtown LA cop bars, I ask you?)

[Photos: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/Shutterstock]