Fug Madness lore has it that once a winner has been crowned, there will be a turnaround in her sartorial existence and/or she will slowly cease to exist in your consciousness, until one day she pops up in a crazy news story about how she was having an affair with Donald Trump Jr. ┬áThere are exceptions of course — ┬áKim Kardashian didn’t win two years in a row for nothing — but often, taking the crown also leads to taking a time out from crazy. Please note that I do not think these two facts are connected at all. Instead, I believe it is the magic of the universe at work, unknowable and beautiful all at once. Rita Ora is arguably the most qualified champion we have ever had — her reign is a glorious and deserved one, one that brings me joy and happiness — and ergo I have great concerns that she looks so markedly normal here. Yes, I believe that is a jumpsuit. True, I suspect there is some weird belt action happening under there. And yes, that coat is very voluminous. But this is very nearly glamorous and I can only hope it is temporary.

[Photo: Mike Reed/ACE PICTURES/INSTARimages.com]
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