Eight years ago, I wrote of this Katy Perry outfit, “I’m sure it’s exhausting to live up to a high standard of CONSTANT sparkly nutballery all the time (even Lady Gaga seems bored of herself), so kudos to Katy for being able to dial it back a few notches now and then. Besides, The Crazy probably has its most concentrated — and desired — effect when it’s not the ONLY volume she has.” I stand by that; this is a really pretty and comfortable-looking dress, and she seems at ease with not having to be all-caps KATY PERRY on… whatever this occasion was. And yet, also, how times have changed, because my reaction to seeing Katy Perry’s Instagram picture here…

… was to shriek, “OH THANK GOD, SHE’S BACK AND IT’S BANANAS.” Or more accurately, bovine. Katy Perry has never met a thematic bullseye she didn’t smack with a mallet, and so here, as a lactating new mom, she got Christian Siriano to make a full cow theme happen for her. And honestly, despite it being even more on-the-nose than the volcanic zit I got before my sister’s wedding, the outfit itself fits really well and is exactly the kind of turned-up-to-eleven entrance from her that I didn’t know I needed. Brava.

[Photo: Getty]