Where is the lie? (Well, you might disagree, but I think there is no lie in this statement that K.Stew’s haircut and make-up are excellent here.) I am personally not at all adept at the smokey eye, but this one? Chef’s kiss.

As far as her look goes, I actually like most of it, and it essentially suits her — no pun intended.

'JT LeRoy' Film Premiere, Arrivals, ArcLight Cinemas, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Apr 2019

I just wish there were no socks here. I get that it’s intentional, but I feel like it’s aiming for….Michael Jackson, maybe? But ends up kinda adjacent to Kramer, who, do not get me wrong, was a style star of great personal magnetism but maybe not the absolute best reference for Kristen.

[Photo: Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock ]