I mostly just picked that first photo because she’s so cute in it, as, like, a person. Olivia Pope is so….serious and stressed that I sometimes forget how charming Kerry Washington actually is. (I mean, I assume that Olivia is still serious and stressed; I’m not watching Scandal anymore but I feel like someone would have informed me if Olivia had told everyone to lose her number because she’s moving to the South of France to read novels and learn how to make croissants.)  That shot of her walking down the street in her coat just makes me want to joyously greet her.

THIS, on the other hand, makes me want to pull her into the ladies’ room and trim that wacky tulle off the bottom of this otherwise totally reasonable cocktail dress:

The Lehman College Foundation 50th Anniversary


[Photos: DARA KUSHNER/INSTARimages.com]