Honestly, just look at that fabric. ┬áCan’t you just see it lining the inside of the envelopes of your very expensive Crane stationery, the notecards you use when you have to write an extremely apologetic letter to the hostess whose Christmas party you ruined when you got hammered on mulled wine and accidentally vomited on her tapestry? ┬áCan’t you picture it climbing the walls of the tiny tiny powder room under the stairs at your country house, the one with the sticky door that Uncle Fergus got stuck in last Groundhog Day? Wouldn’t it make a glorious chair for your boudoir, where you sit and take off your delicate, uncomfortable shoes while silently fuming that your husband, Lord Barleyweest, is clearly addicted to opium? This thing is a real multi-tasker.

[Photo: JOHN NACION/startraksphoto.com]