I’ve decided I need a pair of pajamas like this. They are for people like me, who change out of what they slept in and into a different pair of loungewear for maximum work-at-home comfort, but still telegraph to the UPS guy, “I have no idea what season it is because I basically don’t ever leave these four walls.” This would confuse things. THIS would tell Don in the brown Bermuda shorts, “Oh, thank you for these four boxes from Amazon. One of them has my anti-aging serum, and not a MOMENT too soon, because in about eight hours I’m attending a cocktail party full of men-about-town.” And that would be way more satisfying than hiding behind the front door until he’s too far away to see the hole in my Irish t-shirt.

But, would I follow through and actually wear them outside? Hell no. They’re nutty.

[Photo: Backgrid]