One of the beans just walked over and pointed and said, “What IS that?” And I explained it was a dress, and he said, “NO NO NO NO NO, I DON’T LIKE IT, I DON’T WANT IT.” So true. And yes, he used verbal all-caps.

Let’s be frank: I really hate it. And I think I might have hated it even if it were opaque, because the top looks like a giant pleated mustache. But we’ll never know, because it’s not opaque; it’s transparent, of course, because that trend is going to stick around until it has milked me of any remaining creativity I have left and then danced on my grave (where it will place me  because it is too hard to gloat-dance on an urn).  Erica looks especially naked underneath this thing, because whatever glorified slip lurks under there is very tight and very flesh-toned and very questionable.

Like, I am legitimately uncomfortable with this view. It feels terribly explicit –less ABC Family than ABC Porno Funeral. And while this would be a welcome and intriguing plot twist on her show, Jane By Design (which, yes, I still watch, although I stopped fugcapping it because it was lonely work), I don’t know if it’s the greatest idea to walk around at a party and evoke lady-crack, spankings, and grief.

[Photo: Getty]