I’ve been doing some casual work on Fug Madness seedings, and I’m here to tell you that Jackie Cruz Wore Some Things in the last eligibility period. (One of them, she even wore twice, and shouldn’t have.) It delights me. This outfit doesn’t count for Fug Madness 2019 because it’s in the window for next year, which is good news, because people like Rihanna and Nicole Kidman — the mainstays — and past winners like Keke Palmer and Bella Thorne and Miley are not bringing it the way they once did. So behold Jackie in an outfit that combines the shape of Freulein Maria’s worst hat with the drama of a saucy hipster Miss Havisham with what I imagine someone would wear to a funeral on Riverdale. I look forward to seeing it in the contest next year, and hopefully, her heart will go on even when Orange Is The New Black ends.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]
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