Spoiler: I answered my own question by using this special computer network where I can type in a question and get INFORMATION. Magic! Vanessa Hudgens was most recently in Tick, Tick… Boom!, which didn’t do as well as I would have liked during awards season but was still some prestige work. But she seems to have chased that with gigs hosting various red carpets for E!, and now the MTV Movie Awards, so you can understand why I might have thought she saw this as a lucrative swerve in her career. PLOT TWIST, though: I checked IMDb and saw that she’s in a forthcoming Hamish Linklater movie (based on a Chuck Klosterman novel) alongside his partner Lily Rabe, Ed Harris, and Henry Golding. And she is the ONLY listed star of a yet-to-shoot film called Big Rig about a young mother who finds herself when she gets a job as a truck driver. Besides which, of COURSE Netflix must have six other Princess Switch ideas, in which she can portray an ever-expanding universe of clones. So no, the Hudge probably isn’t pivoting to hosting. But for now, she’s preparing to run the MTV shindig this weekend, and this seems like a great frock to pick to advertise it. A total party. Lights on a dance floor. Honestly, it would have looked really cute on stage, so I hope burning it on this little-seen preview photocall wasn’t foolhardy. Time will tell.

[Photos: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for MTV]