Impeachment: American Crime Story is the Ryan Murphy-joint take on Bill Clinton’s impeachment scandal and I think we can all agree that hopefully it will turn out more American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson and less Ryan Murphy Goes Off The Rails After Two Episodes: Many Other Ryan Murphy Projects. I have high hopes for this, given that he seems to let American Crime Story do its own thing from a distance in general, and because Monica Lewinsky herself is heavily involved and presumably has a vested interest in telling her own story with a modicum of kindness, much the way The People vs OJ Simpson did so beautifully with Marcia Clark.

The series premieres in September, and we really only got half the cast at this — somehow, I missed that Clive Owen is playing Bill Clinton, even though I knew Edie Falco was playing Hillary; Edie certainly has a storied history of playing conflicted women married to complicated men, and at some point in 2022, a college student is going to struggle through an essay where she tries to compare HRC to Carmela Soprano for a senior seminar assignment in the Film and TV department. But although we are missing those two , we did get Sarah Paulson’s Linda Tripp eyebrows, or lack thereof. Join me!

[Photos: Frank Micelotta/FX/Picturegroup/Shutterstock]