First of all, I need to share Informative Caption with you, because it’s quite a ride. It does in fact have everything:

Iggy Azalea was spotted grabbing a cold drink at Pressed Juicery in Calabasas on Monday, wearing a unique faux nude dress. She looked stylish while showing off her curvy figure as she prepares to release new single “I Am the Stripclub.” The Australian rapper carried a Bottega Veneta bag and wore matching heels as she headed out on the solo outing amid claims from Britney Spears fans that she has remained silent. Iggy tweeted denying the claims, noting that she has in fact reached out to her co-collaborator and supported her even after Britney’s team had done a full security sweep of her house while they worked together.

This is a lot! (a) It is always funny to me when Informative Caption says calls something “unique.” This dress absolutely IS unique, other than in the world of whimsical joke aprons, where it is absolutely a classic, so it’s both accurate, but it could also be low-key shade. (b) “Stylish” is a kindness. (c) Thank you for your fashion credits! (d) And there’s our pin to the current news! (e) A full security sweep?! CALM DOWN, Britney’s team!

[Photo by Diggzy/Shutterstock]