She is gorgeous, obviously, but this whole thing feels like two¬†heaping cups of Zzzzzzz. We haven’t had a proper Unfug It Up in a while, and as far as I’m concerned, this is a PRIME CANDIDATE. Me, I’d toss out the bag AND the platform shoes and start over from scratch with the accessories. (That bag is cute, but it seems really wrong with this dress.) For sure, we need a red lip. I might even axe that bracelet. I kind of see where she was going, here — the dress has a Tennis Ensemble feel (in fact, we’ve seen it before on Maria Sharapova, who wore it better) and the bag is sort of a tiny tennis bag; the bracelet is tennis-bracelet adjacent. But to me, this dress requires leaning into the sportiness of its design, not trying to fancy it up. What say you?

[Photo: WENN]