The year: 1999. The SAG nomination, and the win: Gia, the TV movie she made about Gia Carangi. The hair: I’m not totally sure, but as best I can tell, she was probably getting ready to shoot Gone In 60 Seconds, and this was the honey-blonde lightening phase where her hair got a quick break before she took it platinum for that movie. (At first I thought it was for Life or Something Like It, but that was in 2002, and also, VERY white-blond, and also possibly a wig?) It suits her surprisingly well, I think? Or perhaps I’m just reacting strongly because we just looked at her Morticia Addams vibe from the 2000 Oscars and that was so severe on her. My favorite Angie is always Mr. and Mrs. Smith Angie — the untouchably cool Angie — but there’s a certain approachability to her in this shot. This Angie could have been on Melrose Place plotting against Michael Mancini before giving Ashley Judd a run for her money in rom-coms.

For completists, here is the full outfit:

5th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Los Angeles, America - 07 Mar 1999

So pinchy, but at least the necklace distracts me from wondering why they designed the top to curl over like the hem of a cheap tee after one bad wash.

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