In fairness to Selena Gomez, her Rare Beauty line has been around for almost two years now. But I did also forget it existed, and so relearning this today just underscores the feeling that every famous person right now is funneling their cash into a makeup or skincare line, while claiming it’s the amalgam of many many years of… talking to people about products and/or wearing things themselves. Selena may not be guilty of this, but Gwen Stefani’s and Kim Kardashian’s press releases really stuck in my mind on this score. Kim in particular made herself sound like she’d figured out science just by going to the dermatologist a lot. By that logic, after many years of typing, I am qualified to debut my own line of computers. Mine will have a WRODS button. That might be the only button. But, hey, I’m a big user of keyboards and I’m so excited to share with you the science of one that’s designed for you just to howl into the wind and then smack at it and have sentences magically appear. They will. You can trust me. I talked to someone once who had bought a LOT of calculators in their day.

Anyway, no disrespect to Selena, she just sparked a tangent. Although, no, I don’t know why her blazer-dress looks like it was the subject of a spell that backfired. Maybe I DO need that WRODS button.

[Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images]