So, under normal circumstances, the 2021 Golden Globes would have been held yesterday. As it stands, they’re currently scheduled for February 28th. I have major concerns about the wisdom of an in-person awards show in Los Angeles six weeks from now, but maybe a miracle will occur — or it will be pushed back to June. While we wait that out, it might be fun to revisit our best-dressed list from last year and see if our feelings have changed. (If you want to see who won originally, you can look here.) In putting this post together, I realized that I had forgotten a lot of these looks — most of them had been wiped away by the rest of 2020, but Heather and I also were in the final stretch of The Heir Affair at this point in the year, and I think this particular awards season was in one eye and out the other because my brain couldn’t retain anything else. So this was fun to revisit! This is also the Globes where every single person Karla Welch styled ended up in Best Dressed contention; I can’t wait for red carpets to come back so we can see if another stylist will ever pull that off again.

One year later, who is your best dressed from the 2020 Golden Globes?

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