Last year, we did an entire day of green-themed content, and I thought, “Good thing this won’t be happening next March; whatever would we do?” WELL. I hope I didn’t use our witch powers there to curse us all.

In lieu of another green deep dive, we decided to spotlight celebrities named Patrick, or Patricia, and one Patti (there are not a ton of famous Paddys, so please forgive me the Ts there). Maybe even Padraig, if Mr. Harrington provides us any good photos. We’ve already taken care of one Mr. Patrick Dempsey in a birthday post honoring his hair, so I’m starting out with another well-coiffed Patrick of movie fame: The beloved Swayze, who to me is forever Johnny Castle, whispering to me that I am like the wind through his trees. Want it in your head? Of course you do:

The video is basically just him singing dramatically, interspersed with quick and murky shots from Dirty Dancing — including some weirdly chosen ones. Like, you can’t fool me, Video, I know that shot is Baby walking toward Jerry Orbach while he’s sitting poutily on their deck trying to come to grips with the fact that she is a woman an actual inner life. And then of course the random backup singer pops up to distract us. Friends, I unashamedly love this song. It is a SOLID GOLD POP BALLAD from an all-around excellent soundtrack (don’t even get me started on Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes”). And there is saxophone.

Anyway, Patrick Swayze is inseparable from a certain era for me. I know he came in and out of Hollywood as he wrestled with some demons, but he made a pretty indelible cinematic mark through it all. I got sad all over again thinking of the fact that reboot culture came on after Patrick Swayze’s untimely passing, but then again, not all good things need to be recreated, and a lot of his oeuvre is perfect just where it is, as it is. I PRESENT TO YOU: Patrick Swayze.

[Photos: Shutterstock]