Paul Newman! An eternal babe and, by almost all accounts, a real mensch. That combo doesn’t come along very often. (The man was on Nixon’s personal enemies list because of his political activism!) His first wife might disagree — Newman and Joanne Woodward more or less fell in love while he was still married — but even she probably had to admit that this second marriage seemed like a real barnburner. I feel like you’d look at these wedding pics and think, “ugh. Fine. I get it. GOOD FOR YOU.” Because….yowza. In my professional celebrity wedding photo-looker-atter opinion. We’ve got TANGIBLE chemistry. This whole slideshow is just…tangible chemistry. God bless you two hot tamales and your fifty years of smoldering at each other.

The Newman-Woodwards met in 1953 in their agent’s office, but he was married and thus they sort of circled each other for several years, including working together, until they went off to Mississippi to film The Long Hot Summer. I guess it was! (If you’ve seen that movie, you can believe it.) Then he got divorced and they ran off to Vegas and got hitched on January 29th, 1958. And then they were married until his death in 2008. Joanne claimed she thought he was too good-looking when they met – I believe the word she used was “disgusting” — and I suspect that if you look like Paul Newman, it’s a refreshing change to have someone unimpressed by your appearance. It is possibly literally the only time that ever happened to him. It’s also possible that Joanne is lying about this. I don’t totally buy it, Joanne! JUST LOOK AT THIS PERSON.

In fact, let’s just look at both of you being hot toward each other for half a century, shall we? I kind of hate it when people say “goals,” but. When it’s goals, it’s goals.

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