Step right up, friends, as we come together to discuss one of life’s greatest philosophical questions: Which of these two women in similar but different outfits is wearing your preferred look? Much like “is the earth flat?” and “should I eat this?”, much rides on the answer to this burning query!

If it matters to you, Jodie Comer’s red number is Alexander McQueen, which was shown on the runway with black boots. (We called it for Florence Pugh, and it’s definitely Pughian.) We don’t have a credit on Hannah Waddingham yet, although she DOES often wear D&G. If you can’t tell from the photo, hers is a deep purple, not black. I WANT YOU TO BE WELL INFORMED.

Which high-low skirt situation do you prefer?

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[Photos: Fred Duval/SOPA Images/Shutterstock]