Okay, I am zero words into this post and must already issue a correction: Now that I have looked more closely at this photo with (the very snappily attired) Riz, I do not believe Gwendoline is technically crouching. I think she’s sitting on a tiny table. I sincerely thought, at first glance, that she was doing an INSANELY ADEPT version of the Sorority Squat. I was impressed! I mean, I’m still impressed, but it makes more sense that she had an assist there.

Let’s take a more standard look at her ensemble:

Sarabande Foundation Fundraiser at The Standard, London

I’m not used to seeing her with so much hair, but she — as always — is so striking. And I trust her not to accidentally set those many strings on her sleeves on fire. Carry on!

(Photos by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for The Standard)