I’m sure the cut of this dress will knock you over from shock.

After her Globes and SAGs outfits, I feel like Julia must have been DYING to get back into a cocktail frock with loose sleeves, like the ones she favored leading up to awards season. It’s an Elie Saab, and it’s very pretty, and it shows off her legs — which she obviously is justifiably proud of — and I think The Great Dual Crotch Incident of 2014 really had us all holding our breath that she would ride the crazy coaster straight through until March 2, so: EXHALE. The reset button has been hit, and the BAFTAs and the Oscars may be saved after all.


I feel like she could’ve styled this a little better. As in, at all. Funky bracelets to young-up that sleeve length, perhaps? Or would they fight? Maybe she could’ve worn a slinky long necklace, or some groovier earrings, or interesting shoes. I appreciate her confidence in her Supreme Julianess, and the fact is that it DOES often carry the day, but I can’t help thinking she missed an opportunity here. Accessorize her, Fug Nation. Show us the way.

[Photos: Getty]