Between the slinky Kors, the tousled hair, and the plunging neckline…

… I think Olivia Wilde is doing Kate Hudson better than Kate Hudson is.

My only beef with this is one you can’t entirely detect in pictures, although bless them, the photographers tried:

It was clear as day on the red carpet pre-show, and I feel like every photographer there must have noticed and been like, “I HAVE TO GET THAT,” because: Her hair is in like, a lower-quarter ponytail. It’s a ratty, pointless little nub. Why? WHAT is your purpose, rogue elastic? What is your quest? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Also, I need to vent:

olivia wilde golden globes 2016

Sudeikis was very sweet about wearing red socks to match his lady’s gown, and I’m sure his shoes are comfortable, but… I’m sorry. This cranky old blogger thinks he looks a manchild fool on the red carpet in those massive sneakers. Wear them in your agency’s complimentary front-row Clippers seats, dude, like everyone else.

[Photos: Getty]