I’m sure we were not the only ones wondering why Jessica Alba was in attendance, apart from the fact that she got nominated for one of these back in 2001 so I guess that makes her part of the family.

And she did the family proud. As simple as the dress is, the color is outstanding on her, the fit is perfect, and she jazzed it up with a funky purse.  When even you probably aren’t totally sure why you got invited, it takes some effort to dress like you’re pretty sure it makes perfect sense to be there… presenting Best Actor in a Miniseries. Sure, okay, maybe she is a noted ampresand aficionado & really wanted to be there for Hemingway & Gellhorn & Hatfields & McCoys & whatnot. I don’t know her life.

But I do know she changed her clothes for the afterparties:

This is quite cute, but I want it to be shorter — like, ’60s mod short. Then I think it would be perfect. Too much checkerboard and suddenly it’s my kitchen floor and I’m gripped with the urge to mop her into oblivion.

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