It’s the Battle of the Blues. Let’s DO THIS THING. In one corner, we have Emma Roberts:

Emma’s dress may actually be two-tone — it looks awfully black down by the skirt, or at least maybe like a darker blue. I don’t know. I wish the lighting were better (which… it’s not like this party was spontaneous, or doesn’t happen every single year, or is illuminated only by the glow of a hundred FRAGILE leg lamps, so can’t they fix that?). I think the architecture of the top is really pretty, but I can’t decide whether the little ruffles running down the skirt are interesting, or look like they recently fed the mice living in her closet. At least, for once, her eye makeup doesn’t make me want to attack her with some Pond’s.

In the other corner is Ms. Erica Dasher of Jane By Design:

Well, the hair extensions are absurd. (At least, I assume they’re extensions — I don’t think ironing out this would make it THAT long.) The shoes are a clunky mismatch. I’m not sold on the tassels hanging from the waist tie — don’t those tickle her legs in the most annoying way when she walks? — and I can’t help wondering if this whole look is Aphrodite on Roy G. Biv day at Mount Olympus. However, all that said, she looks quite grown-up and sleek, showing a lot of skin without looking at all smutty. I’ve listed several reasons not to like it, and yet I can’t bring myself to dislike it either. Both of these girls actually look pretty good, better than either has in a while. So whose blue reigns supreme? I wish Chairman Kaga were here to reveal the answer.

Pick the winner!

  • Emma (59%, 4,658 Votes)
  • Erica (11%, 846 Votes)
  • I can't -- they're both adorable (4%, 330 Votes)
  • I can't, on the grounds that I don't like either of them (26%, 2,097 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,933

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