I enjoy Elisha Cuthbert. I used to see her at Kings games — she used to blog about being a hockey fan, which is very endearing to me (and she is currently dating Dion Phaneuf, who was one my favorites when he was a rookie on the Flames… so CRANKY-looking on the ice, I loved it; he once checked someone into the glass right in front of my face and I almost reached up to high-five him). But the big reason we here at GFY HQ like Elisha is that she once e-mailed us here after we’d written a string of stuff about not liking any of her outfits, and her e-mail was charming and cool in good humor, and she totally understood that what we do is really all in fun, and told us to keep on keepin’ on. We always like to tell that story because we feel like good sports deserve credit for it.


Is that a belt, or a voodoo talisman bearing the eyebrows of every critic who still makes Kim Bauer And The Cougar jokes? Watch out for the Dark Arts, Elisha. You saw what it did to Voldemort. I don’t think the noseless life is for everyone.

However, part II:


This, I rather like. I wish she’d done up the hair here, but overall, it’s flattering and different and more interesting than what 90 percent of people wore to this event. It also makes her look tall — she is not — and the bust is pleasantly Barbarella, with perhaps a touch of the FemBot. If only Kim Bauer had this, that cougar never would’ve messed with her…. Oh, dammit, that means my eyebrows are going on her belt next. At least they’ll grow back.

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