I love Gillian Anderson — AND CANNOT WAIT for her to go back to her Scully Red Hair. I KNOW it’s a pain for her and it also probably increases the chances of her being recognized exponentially but what about WHAT I WANT? — and I love a cape. HOWEVER:

I have doubts. Did we ever come up with phrase to note that a dress Probably Looks Better In Person? Because I think it’s fully possible that this is a vintage Hollywood goddess gown if you’re in the room with her, and the mere in-person sight of it will make you want to steal it from her so that you can wear it whilst brushing your hair at a vanity with a silver-backed brush. But in photos, it might slightly slide into Mustyville? (And might, just might, be featuring a cameo from her nipple, but I started to weird myself by spending too much time trying to figure that out for real, and just went and got a sandwich instead.) But in person, truly, it might be magnificent. At the very least, I want to believe.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]