One thing you learn in Trainwreck, and which you can tell again here: Amy Schumer has very nice legs.

But sweet Soundgarden sandwich, the ’90s really ARE inching back. We were talking about it with Gwyneth’s ensemble yesterday, and now we’ve got something that’s VERY close to being babydoll. Not as flowy, perhaps, as what Courtney Love and her ilk used to wear, but it’s strangely shrunken up top and would look better if the waist seam didn’t hit Amy right at the underwire. So while I can sign off on the dots, I can’t cosign the size or shape. And if she had on knee socks and Mary Janes… well, we’d all be checking the sky for the inevitable swarm of choker necklaces, or watching the forest for a plague of Screaming Trees.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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