Happy Friday, you glorious dollfaces!

Have you checked out the new/old stuff from the Target 20 collection? It’s fun.

Do you need a new cardigan? I feel certain that you do.

Great, from Robin Givhan at the Washington Post: How one Sunday night at Fashion Week redefined the stories that clothes can tell

YES. At the New York Times: ‘Little Women’: An Oral History of the 1994 Adaptation. Ahem, do you need more than this: “Claire Danes’s wig caught fire and Winona Ryder put it out; Christian Bale taught castmates the “Newsies” dances.” This is my favorite Little Women version! I needed this!

Also at the NYT, this is amazing: Cindy Crawford, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan: An ’80s Fashion Mystery

So good, at Vulture: The Hardest Stunt I Ever Pulled Off. (From actual stunt people. Not like regular people who like to do tricks.)

Geez, this is FOR REAL, at the New York Times: How Fan Culture Is Swallowing Democracy

At Celebitchy: Maybe SNL should try doing some basic research about the people they hire!!!!!!! Just a suggestion!!

I loved this look at early amateur women’s baseball leagues, at Smithsonian Magazine.

At Pajiba: James Corden Makes Himself Useful By Going After Bill Maher’s Ridiculous Fat Shaming Comments. Bill Maher is truly the worst.

Get ready to have THOUGHTS on this list, at Strategist: The 100 Best Notebooks, As Tested by Strategist Editors 

At Lainey, HOW is Maddox Jolie-Pitt in COLLEGE? I’m OLD.

Fascinating, at Deadspin: The Story Behind The Biggest Brawl In WNBA History

At The Goods: How a shoe that looks like a sock became the working woman’s obsession

At Socialite Life: Working With Joaquin Phoenix on Joker Sounds Like Kind of a Nightmare. This movie looks objectively well done, and I am sure he is very good in it, but….I think I’m just not in the mood for Troubled White Guy Loses It And Causes Mass Havoc And Indiscriminate Violence right now.