Happy Friday the 13th! I hope it’s lucky for you.

At Lainey: Henry Cavill is having a bad week (of his own making).

OMG I forgot we haven’t talked about the Bieber/Hailey Baldwin engagement! (Also at Lainey.) I’ll…believe this wedding is happening when it’s happened.

Esquire reports: For the Rom-Com to Make Its Comeback, It Had to Break Its Formula

Fascinating, at the LA Times: Five Picassos went missing from the L.A. Times. What happened to them?

WHAT! At Revelist: Butterbeer ice cream is officially here to make your summer MAGICAL. They need to sell this at a store! (Also, Butterbeer is too sweet for me and it needs booze. I SAID IT.)

This is great, at Buzzfeed: This 60-Year-Old Novel About Sexual Harassment Was Ahead Of Its Time

At Vulture: Sandra Oh on Her Emmy Nomination for Killing Eve: ‘It’s Not Just Me at This Moment.’ (Related, I looked up Oh’s previous Emmy nods, which were in the Supporting category for Grey’s, and she lost TWO YEARS IN A ROW to Blythe Danner for Huff, a show I forget existed and can barely remember now and I just typed its name.)

At Dazed: How an Instagram diet brand uses girl power to sell hunger. (The kicker on this piece is just…amazing.)

Pajiba wonders: What Is the 2018 Song of the Summer?

At Celebitchy: I had NO IDEA, but there is some DRAMZ going on at the Ewan McGregor house!

Pertinent to our interests, at Racked: I Took a $25 Nap.