Happy Friday, Friends! My God, this week felt like a year to me, I don’t know about you. Hope your weekend is restorative.

Do you need a coat? Do you WANT a coat? A lot of them are on sale and I rounded them up!

We had two fun chats this week: What’s Your Signature Dish? And, speaking of dishes, yesterday we shared our unconventional crushes and it’s been very entertaining.

Two Bossy Dames’s essay about Ronnie Spector, who died this week, is really interesting and well worth your time. (Also pleasantly gossipy, in a good way.)

At Slate: Which Was the Real Bob Saget? 

SO interesting: “The Race to Save Hip-Hop’s Lost Eras: Why are early rap recordings so hard to find, and what does the ideal historical archive look like? “[Pitchfork]

Love is dead! “Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa announce the end of their marriage and looking back there may have been signs.” (They had a good run and it seems amicable. I look forward to seeing whatever INSANELY HOT man Lisa Bonet dates next.) [Lainey]

Love is alive? “Julia Fox addresses her 2022 takeover and hanging out with Kanye on her podcast, Forbidden Fruits.” This is pretty interesting: “The girl once answered a Craigslist ad to be dominatrix for a wealthy client who eventually became her lover and tried to turn her into a Stepford wife – she’s BEEN in it for the attention, for the opportunity, for any advantage, for everything! And she’s already told us! Julia Fox has come to us as a celebrity fully formed, so this amateur hour coverage on her is not going to work. This is a woman who is ten steps ahead. ” [Lainey]

Continuing on the topic of LOVE: Let’s Talk About Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring. I’m happy for Megan and MGK — they seem wild for each other! — and her ring is beautiful.

MORE LOVE: Danielle Brooks got married and her wedding was beautiful. [Vogue]

We were all rooting for you!: The 35 Most Iconic Quotes in Reality TV History [Primetimer]

This guy’s gonna be in for a tough surprise if he comes out of this: American Fugitive Who Faked His Own Death Caught in Scotland After Contracting COVID-19. [People]

Speaking of Covid messing up your best laid plans: This woman was on a blind date with a dude — set up by her parents because she is getting, in her words, “quite old” —  and ended up stuck in lockdown with him. [BBC]

Certainly relevant to our interests: Gosford Park at 20: An Oral History of The Comedy of Manners, Money, and Murder

At Socialite Life: Australia cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa….AGAIN. This has been going on since the LAST Fugs & Pieces! Celebitchy has a more in-depth take on it. What a MESS.

Also at Celebitchy: “Javier Bardem is still defending Woody Allen: ‘It hasn’t been legally proven’”. I can just imagine Penelope Cruz hearing him saying this to a reporter and lurching out of the other room to yank the phone out of his hand and throw it out the window.

WHAT?? NPR reports, and I quote: After more than 70 years, the FDA is dropping its regulation for French dressing. This piece taught me that there is an “Association for Dressing and Sauces,” which I need to join tout de suite.

I was worried about this: I Have Now Stared into the Void, and it’s Called ‘The 355′ [Pajiba]

This is wild, at The Hustle: The con artist who sold rich investors a fake country. (There’s a longer piece about this same topic at History, which I found when I went looking to see what the people who already inhabited this fake country thought of these dingdongs. It appears it was primarily jungle, so perhaps there were no inhabitants?)

This is a vital query, and SUPER interesting: Who Is Responsible for Dessert Hummus? [Eater]

This is really fascinating. Let’s bring THIS back: The forgotten medieval habit of ‘two sleeps’ [BBC]

Earlier this week, we were wondering what the Golden Globes were like this year, inside, and Variety has the answer. This is my fave bit: “As different as the night seemed, take comfort in the fact that the show — which was not aired in any capacity — still ran about 10 minutes overtime.”

This is an entertaining read and also this situation is a MESS: The misery of the Hype House [Vox]

Speaking of Ronnie Spector, take this with you into the weekend. It’s so great: