Hello, friends. Hope you’re okay! As a heads-up, the Oscars are Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. Prepare yourself accordingly!

Joel Anderson wrote an excellent piece for Slate about the Derek Chauvin verdict: This Isn’t Justice

This is such a good interview, and the accompanying editorial shots are amazing: Reflections of an EGOT Winner: Whoopi Goldberg on ‘Ghost’ and the 30th Anniversary of Her Oscar Triumph [Variety]

Also at Variety: Three 6 Mafia Remember Their Shocking Oscar Win for ‘It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp’: ‘Nobody Saw That One Coming’. This is one of those moments that I actually think about a lot, because it was such an exciting upset. This is a VERY good interview.

Timely, at the LA Times: Is there a cure for the Oscar blues?

This is a super interesting oral history of the early days of romance novels. [WaPo]

Very good question, especially given this week’s developments: What is the Future of the Golden Globes? [Lainey]

Absolutely fascinating: Harriet Tubman’s Family Home Has Finally Been Found [The Cut]

Good to know: There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing. [NYT]

Scott Rudin is a real bad boss, y’all! And I don’t mean that in a “bad bitch” kind of way! I mean he was literally horrific as an employer. [Vulture]

Wow, Regina King looks so great on the cover of Greek Vogue. [Lainey]

Worth your while at Vanity Fair: Shang-Chi and Marvel’s Complicated History With the Ten Rings 

I guess Lizzo drunk DM’ed Chris Evans and honestly, I want this to happen now. They would be an amazing couple. [Socialite Life]

Really interesting, at Marie Claire: My Tarot Card Dependency Controlled My Life

Speaking of celebrity couples, somehow I didn’t even know this was happening: Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor are getting serious about each other [Celebitchy]

This is SO good: The Ruthless Style of London’s Forty Elephants Gang. Ahem: “One afternoon in 1915, a group of elegantly dressed women arrived in hired cars at the prestigious Selfridges department store in London. They were dressed in furs, jewels, and expensive dresses, and the staff treated them as they would any upscale female customers. Given the era’s prudish mores, this meant ignoring the women in order to allow them to try on clothes in privacy. It was only after the women had left that the staff realized these women had shoplifted a fortune’s worth of gems, furs, and clothing. These were no ordinary shoppers: They were members of London’s first documented all-female gang, the Forty Elephants, also known as the Forty Thieves.” [Bitch]

History Extra asks: Would you have been accused of witchcraft? (I definitely would have been. Admittedly, I might have actually been a witch.)

Also a good question, one that actually stresses me out more than the witchcraft one: How Can a Basilica Stay Dry Amid Venice’s Rising Waters? [Atlas Obscura]

Pajiba reports: ‘Jeopardy’ Announces Final Slate of Guest Hosts. My family is VERY into Jeopardy — we watch it every night if we’re home — and so far, I think my favorite has been Aaron Rodgers.  Excited to see this last group!

This is a fun interview at Nylon with Rachel Bilson, about The OC and Hart of Dixie.

Interesting! 17th-Century Gold Mourning Ring May Be Linked to Executed English Aristocrat [Smithsonian]

I vote YES: Are Paparazzi Shots of Celebrities at Airports a Form of Art? [Town & Country]

Here, we had a really good chat about what we’re all doing to try to combat climate change and save the planet!

Finally, Shock G of Digital Underground died this week, leaving behind a real musical legacy. Thus, I will leave you with Humpty Dance, a song I have never heard without turning up the volume as it is a masterpiece: