Here’s the thing:

Premiere Of Magnolia Pictures'

When your movie is about the nuclear arms race — as is Lucy Walker’s, here — is it appropriate to show up dressed like you’re late for your midnight performance at Beach Blanket Bingo? I promise I’m not being snarky. I have never made what is by all accounts a very powerful film about the nuclear arms race — all of my nuclear arms race movies are glib and half-assed — so I don’t know HOW you dress to promote it. I feel like you’d probably be standing in front of your closet thinking, “am I supposed to look all Serious Bizness here? Or is that just DEPRESSING? Oh, screw it. I’m going to be kicky and retro. If we’re all going up in a mushroom cloud of doom, at least I will have taken my midriff out for a walk before that happens. CARPE DIEM!”

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