Fug the Show: The Complete List

Beginning in 2011 or so, we started offering GFY recaps (or “fugcaps”) of some of our, or Fug Nation’s, favorite shows — determined either arbitrarily, by what we’re watching, or by popular demand on Twitter or via e-mail. (We aim to please.) Here are links to the archived fugcaps of all the shows we currently cover, have covered, or partially covered, in alphabetical order.

Agent Carter (ABC): the Marvel franchise dedicated to Hayley Atwell’s character in Captain America, a post-WWII Sydney Bristow with better taste in lipstick, slightly fewer wigs, and at the moment WAY fewer chances to get naked with attractive people.

American Idol, the first J.Lo years (FOX): Hola lovers.

Astronaut Wives Club (CW):  An ill-fated adaptation of the book. At least the costumes were good?

Carrie Diaries, The (CW): AnnaSophia Robb as young Carrie Bradshaw, with lots of questionable attempts at recreating ’80s fashion.

Dallas (TNT): The rebooted series.

Downton Abbey (PBS): People having major problems, romantical and otherwise, in olden times.

Empire (FOX): Terrence Howard’s ego, Taraji P. Henson’s scene-stealing, a LOT of singing and a dearth of logic… it’s the hit of the twenty-teens. Of COURSE we started covering it in season two, just in time for The Great Decline. We did at least get in a fashion recap of season one, though.

Feud (FX): Ryan Murphy takes on Joan Crawford v. Bette Davis. There are a LOT of hats.

G.C.B. (ABC): Kristen Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb, Annie Potts, and LOTS of hairspray.

Good Wife, The (CBS): We just picked up the show at the beginning of season six, but maybe we’ll do classic episodes also, to get as much Diane Lockhart fabness documented as possible. Better late than never.

Gossip Girl (CW): The show that launched Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen, and a lot of bad ideas about headbands.

Hart of Dixie (CW): Rachel Bilson as a doctor in formal shorts, with a hot shirtless neighbor, a hot mayoral best friend, a hot small-town lawyer love interest, lots of hot guest stars, and Jamie King in increasingly good clothes. We are in.

How To Get Away With Murder (ABC): Shonda Rhimes’ deliriously dramatic — and often drippy — show about law students and their misdeeds is something we nicknamed Pretty Little Lawyers, with good reason.

I Wanna Marry “Harry” (FOX): Demons decide to invade American television by making a bunch of women think some rando fool is Prince Harry. The stupidity is stupid.

Jane By Design (ABC Family): Erica Dasher was a high schooler pretending to be older so she could intern with Andie MacDowell. The clothes were interesting, even if the show didn’t get off the ground.

Lindsay (OWN): Oprah’s docu-series about Lindsay Lohan trying to rebuild post-rehab was surprisingly well-made and classy, and also an excellent cautionary tale for child stars and their parents, because HER PARENTS. MY GOD.

Lying Game, The (ABC Family): Weird clothes and twin shenanigans.

Mad Men (AMC) We only did the last seven episodes, because if you don’t recap Mad Men, your website is ejected from the internet. Also OUTFITS and MUSTACHES and HAMM.

Nashville (ABC): Connie Britton as a country queen, Hayden Panettiere as the starlet who would dethrone her, Powers Boothe as another gravelly voiced crank, and lots of hair highs and lows. In addition to music. But mostly hair.

Outlander (Starz): Come for the manly thighs, stay for the kilts.

The People vs OJ Simpson (FX): A sobering and masterful look at the trial of the century.

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family): The most confusing show on TV, but it’s so freaking addictive, and Aria’s clothes NEVER make sense, bless her.


Revenge (ABC): Emily VanCamp gives a stiff red Sharpie to the face of her enemies, Gabriel Mann wears hilarious clothes and multiple collars at once, and Madeleine Stowe purrs all her lines with minimal change to her facial expressions. And yet somehow she’s good, even when the show is a hot mess. We quit covering it in a huff about four episodes before the end of the third season because Jessica couldn’t take it anymore.

Ringer (The CW) [RIP]: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV only lasted one season, but the clothes were SO bad that she actually wrote us a letter — through her agent — to tell us that she was trying to make it better. Also: Ioan Gruffudd’s pocket squares and udd gruffing, and Andrea Roth’s soapy awesomeness.

The Royals (E!): A maddening ARGH-watch that pays almost no attention to accuracy, nor logic. FIRE TED.

Scandal (ABC): If you haven’t heard of this show by now, then someone at Entertainment Weekly just went blind. But: the aptly named Kerry Washington, lover of the president, fixer of messes and creator of others, daddy issues.

Victoria (PBS): You know, that British queen? Yeah, her.

Voice, The (NBC): Our coverage of season two, featuring Cee-Lo’s sequins and Xtina’s crazy Xtinaness.

War & Peace (A&E, BBC, etc): All that AND James Norton, being Very Sad and Very Handsome.

Wolf Hall (PBS): Mo’ Tudors, mo’ problems.