Heather pointed out to me yesterday that I begin every one of these fug-caps with an expression of sincere surprise that the show is so charming. And I AM surprised, every week! I don’t know WHY I am surprised at this point, but I still am. But it’s a DELIGHTFUL surprise! Anyway, this week,  Dr Zoe Hart is acting SUPER happy, and Hot Neighbor Wade is pretty sure it’s because she’s getting laid. (“JT is single now,” he mournfully tells Mayor Lavon Hayes when they’re trying to figure out who Zoe’s SECRET LOVER might be. “I’m pretty sure it’s not Justin Timberlake,” Lavon tells him.) BUT! She’s so happy because she actually she has a secret FRIEND: AnnaBeth, the centerpiece of last week’s Lemon Cursed Our Uteruses plotline. AnnaBeth loves Zoe because she’s not an uptight harridan who needs seriously therapeutic intervention, the way Lemon is (I might be editorializing a tad). And Lemon is currently acting being EXTRA crazy because blah blah blah Small Town Ladies Club Appointment of Great Importance Something or Other.  So, Zoe, during her secret friend assignations with AnnaBeth, basically teaches AB to have a spine and stick up for herself to Lemon. Which AB does, and in doing so manages via the power of her refreshing sass to get HERSELF appointed Whatever Whatever Blah Southern Yada in Lemon’s stead. And then AB friend-breaks up with Zoe, because now that’s she Head Honcho of Whatever, she can’t be Zoe’s friend publicly — which Zoe demanded, as she realized she was basically “the mistress” in this situation — because Zoe is unpopular, or something. I hope AnnaBeth snaps out of this at some point, because she’s cute, and I like that actress, and she owes it to Zoe to be her friend in public. ANYWAY, yadda yadda yadda, there are some shenanigans that you don’t need to really know about that end with: Zoe saving AnnaBeth from Lemon revealing their secret friendship DESPITE the fact that AB doesn’t really deserve it, and in the course of said rescue,  making out with That Hot Vet Who Slept With Her Friend From NYC and ZING there are sparks and now Zoe and the Hot Vet are TOTALLY doing it, to the great dismay of Hot Neighbor Wade, who is, as we all know, TOTALLY HOT FOR ZOE, but won’t tell her so and instead drowns his sorrows in trashy girls. SIGH. JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER, KIDS. All this, plus Jason Street’s hilarious Victory Dance….WITHIN!