I would be lying if I said I outright liked this. She looks like she popped on a slip and then wrapped herself in the tissue paper that should be lining Gucci’s shopping bags. And the imprecision of the hem — the fact that the dress underneath does not line up with that of the sheath over it — makes me nuts. It’s distracting. So there are a lot of nits, and yes, I’m picking at ‘em like they’re a festering chin pimple.

But. BUT. Lindsey Vonn has been a Fug Madness stalwart. She has done SO MUCH worse. So much weirder. She had more than a year’s worth of red carpet itches to scratch, and yes, she chose to do it looking like she’s a Gift With Purchase, but it also fits beautifully — the cut is great on her — and her makeup is pretty, and this whole thing is a great idea whose actual design I just don’t dig. This is an improvement, then, yes? Am I correct to grade this on a gentle curve, or am I now a marshmallow in both spirit AND abs?

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