Looking at Cate Blanchett here, I had this moment where I was all, “this outfit is so summer for December.”

Yeah, she’s in Australia. It’s summer there. I knew that — although it does make me wonder something: In the United States, we always say that you ought not wear white after Labor Day, AKA After Summer Is Over (even if we don’t really buy that or believe it anymore). Is there a corollary to that in the other hemisphere? Are there little old ladies in Sydney clutching their pearls because someone is wearing white after…Valentine’s Day? Please enlighten me, international readers. These are things I want to know!

As far as her specific white goes….it’s tough with Cate, as you know. In many ways, I think she is so Cate Blanchett-y that she can pull off looks that other women can’t. That being said, although there is something about the neckline on this that makes it look a bit like it might be on backwards, I like this on her. I feel like this is the dress you wear when you’re getting married at the courthouse, but it’s the chicest courthouse wedding in the world.

What do you think, Fug Nation?

[Photo: Getty]