I’m so excited about this week’s giveaway. And also really excited for all of you to see what Johnny Depp is up to:

I am pretty sure he thinks he’s Indiana Jones now? At any rate, he’s clearly happy to be giving the crowd here his blessing.

THE TASK:  Please write The Benediction Of Johnny Depp, AKA the blessing he’s giving his fans in this picture.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on MONDAY.

THE PRIZE:  This week, we are happy to be giving away five (5) copies of the new book The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Dressed Tomorrow, by TODAY show style editor Bobbie Thomas. I have read the book, and I have to say, I think it’s really great. There are A LOT of style guides out there, but this one is sincerely helpful, and it went way beyond the old “everyone needs a white shirt/take your pants to a tailor!” advice we all already know and into actually really useful information. I think you will all seriously enjoy it.

From Amazon: “Beyond understanding your best colors and figure-flattering clothes, Bobbie takes a unique step back in this inspiring guide to empower you to feel stylish, smart, sexy, and satisfied—with a look that’s uniquely your own…

You can’t live life naked, so after you brush your teeth in the morning, you put “something” on. It’s the first decision of your day, but have you ever considered that it’s also one of the most important? Style goes far beyond fashion and beauty and is a powerful way to say who we are and get what we want. Your “style speak” comes through in a louder “voice” than anything you might scream from a rooftop. But often, there is so much focus on the outside that we forget to step back and understand that style really starts inside.

From your love life to your career, and the less obvious moments in between, the way people see you will filter your opportunities. Ultimately, what they see is what you get. In part I of this must-have style guide, Bobbie Thomas will help you identify what you’d like others to see and boost your confidence, and in part II , she’ll show you how to find your best colors and cuts, edit your closet, and more, so you can build a better, more useful wardrobe.”

This contest is open to US residents only.

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