World’s have arrived AT LAST! As ever, I apologize for the relative tardiness of this post. I feel like the world figure-skating community could be more respectful of all the things I have going on, frankly! But here we are. As ever, I welcome skating gossip and intrigue-sharing in the comments. We’ve been so slammed with The Royal We that I feel like I am not as on top of this particular topic as usual, so more than ever I look forward to Fug Nation’s Thoughts. Also, as ever, we’ve already covered the Americans during Nationals (although I tossed 4th place finisher Gracie Gold in here because she had a new long-program ensemble; also, I am watching the NBC coverage of the ladies’ long program right now and Tara just said, “Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner just had THE WORST SHORT PROGRAMS ANYONE COULD POSSIBLY DREAM UP, in case you were wondering how that went).

[Photos: Getty]